The ephemeral nature of clouds has always been fascinating to me. They can hang for hours or pass overhead at an amazing speed, ever changing form, density and color, creating the atmosphere we live in. To borrow a quote from The Cloud Appreciation Society, “Clouds are Nature’s Poetry.” I am always happy to see their various forms through out the day, the seasons and the years. Perhaps our affinity for clouds is because they embody our own ever-changing emotional nature.


Dark Sky, Miami Bay, 2018, 27"x 30", SOLD


Opening, 2011, 22" x 32", oil on canvas, SOLD


Storm, Colorado, 2008, 22" x 38", oil on canvas, SOLD

Light, 2008, 36" x 54", oil on canvas, SOLD

Blue Skies, 2007

Blue Skies, 2007, 42" x 30", oil on canvas, SOLD