Eggs are a perfect, simple form. If you hold an egg, a chicken's egg, in your palm, just right, it's impossible to break applying equal pressure. For me, eggs represent ideas and how formed ideas bounce off each other, producing "blue sky thinking”,  a necessary start to conceiving a work of art. Painting eggs are a meditative process for me. I often return to the motif when I’m incubating the next painting.


Meditation III, 2019, 30" x 40", artwork available


Meditation II, 2018, 30" x 24", oil on canvas, artwork available


Meditation I, 2017, 30" x 24", oil on canvas, SOLD

Hillrie's Hand, 2012, 24" x 20", oil on canvas, SOLD

Ideas Mingle, 2009, 32"x 26" oil on canvas, SOLD


One Egg, 2007, 36" x 40", oil on canvas, SOLD

Three Eggs and Shadows, 2005, 24" x 32", oil on canvas, SOLD